otterlylove (otterlylove) wrote in smario64,

Video of koopa glitch

This video (at the bottom) is not made by me, but i have done the glitch
this glitch is harder than it looks. it took me ten trys the first time.
if you have not done any past glitching, i recomend starting with the easy stuff. E.g. Death into cannon.
that one is simple.
1: go to bomb battlefield
2: kill yourself down to two pieces of health.
3: go to the field with the cannon in the green mound and the water bombs.
4: get the wingcap
5: pick up a bomb.
6: quickly run to the cannon and turn around so your back is next to the cannon hole.
7: the bomb explodes and you should have no health, and be in the launch screen.
if you launch to the sky and still have the wing cap, you can fly with no health. any coins you collect, will not raise your health.
Extra Fun: when you aim the cannon, point it so you can get to the floating island.
fly to the island and stay low to the ground but dont land. when you see the star box, go over it and groundpound.
most likely, you will have been off slightly, but still have triggered the star. as you start to sway, the star will apper and you will freeze. the star will still spin and the music will play, but you will be stuck until you press reset or turn off. (DUHH!) 
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